My Philosophy of Inner Work

We are all divine beings, even in the messiness of our human condition.

All the questions that lead to the search of happiness on the human journey can be boiled down these:

How am I doing in relation to my idea of God, to those that I love, and to myself?

Is the Universe a benevolent place? Can I trust it? Is it for me?

How do I make sense out of the discrepancy between where I am and where I feel I should be?

How well do I know (understand) and accept (love) myself, and therefore others?

These are the fundamental questions that pertain to being human.  Our earnest attempts to seek relentlessly and answer honestly begin our spiritual journey of self-awareness and of knowing the divine.  The two cannot be separated. Spiritual wellness is embracing the reality of the human condition.

We all strive to be happy (whatever definition of “happy” one holds),  and we all long for a tangible sense of unconditional love in our lives. All the religions of this world and even metaphysics will point to the truth that human beings are intrinsically wired with this spiritual hunger for joy, love, happiness, and truth. Yet, many of us find ourselves living moment to moment, hurried with the things of life, grappling to manipulate some external means to alleviate this hunger, when in reality, the problem is an internal one. The answer must be searched within, since the problem is within.

So what does all this have to do with anxiety, and depression, and all the struggles of the human condition?

Psychotherapy helps a person function in the boundaries of “normality” when he or she struggles with psychological problems as defined by the DSM-V.  And yes, I have the credentials to help at that level.  But most DSM-V issues are only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the psychological symptoms, there’s a greater split, between the soul and the ego, the true and false self.

I like to journey with my clients in divine therapy (coined by Thomas Keating). Divine therapy helps us heal the root of all our problems at the soul level.  When the heart and soul is healed, it inevitably transforms our attitudes and we begin to live into a different emotional backdrop. Our human condition begins to transform more and more into the mind and heart of the divine. Divine therapy unravels our soul in its truest state so that our attitudes, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors can be lived out of alignment from that space.  Most of the depression and anxiety we feel are pointing us to the problem of the split at this level.

Combining the contemporary science of brain-based psychology, Christian contemplative traditions, and the laws of energy and spirituality, I walk people through opening up to their own wounded unconscious. We work through letting go of the false self (which usually is the only self we know). We surrender, we make space, we align to what’s real within us, so that the human condition can be transformed to embody a bold expression of Divine Love.