OUCH!! I stubbed my toe on the door and now, I’m angry at that damn door.

Anger is a mother bear emotion that is just trying to protect you from future occurrences of the same pain. It is the most respectful of the emotions towards you.

Especially as women of color, we have a hard time accepting and letting our anger inform us because we have been taught that anger is inappropriate, but this is not true.

We NEED to emote and be INFORMED by this emotion. Anger catalyzes you into action and protects you, allowing you to create healthier boundaries with yourself and others. It is a sign that you were hurt or disrespected, or boundaries have been crossed.

Integrating anger does not mean you react to situations angrily, rather it means letting your anger inform you as you craft an appropriate response.

Speak your truth and move.

What is a blessing that came from a time you were angry? 

Artwork by @rach2day
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