It's Time to Hear Her

It's Time to Hear Her

You hear the phrase "inner child healing” often these days ... But actually, your inner child doesn’t need healing. Needing healing implies that there's something "not right" or broken with our inner child, as if she is diseased or needs to be fixed.

That couldn't be further from the truth..

Here’s what’s TRUE about your inner child:

☑️ Her feelings are VALID.
She really was helpless and powerless. Her fear of abandonment and all the messed up beliefs she has come to believe about herself because of all her unmet needs- all that was real and therefore, valid.

Sometimes, shitty things happened TO her. And sometimes, the things she rightfully needed (like attention and connection) weren’t provided for her. But irregardless of her experience, she was and is enough and worthy of all the attention and love she needed. Her upbringing says more about her care takers ability, not her deservability. She was always worthy. Always enough.

☑️Her child likeness is PERFECT. Yes, there are areas she needs to grow into, areas where she needs to update herself to the adult that she is today. That’s her childishness that needs nurturing. But her childlikeness- that’ll always be the pure, unabashed, fun, playful side of you. She’s perfect. Don’t ever let her grow out of that.

We talked about this during my free workshop last week and I shared ways to honor and show up for the inner child within all of us. If you missed out, don't worry- I'll be having more (shoot me a DM to let me know you're interested).

Can you guess one of my favorite ways to release my inner child?! 😉💃🏻
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